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TCB Carpets Kirkland is dedicated to bringing the best tile products to Kirkland, WA and its surrounding neighbors.  We have hundreds of colors and styles to choose from and we’ll drive right to your house 🚚 to show you our diverse range of products.  We also can help you figure out what tile works best whether you need bathroom tile installation, kitchen tile installation, or commercial tile installation.  TCB Carpets Kirkland can do it all!

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Making the choices regarding color, quality and style of your new tiling in Kirkland are more efficient when done in the home. Traditional tiling stores may require driving back and forth with different samples until you find the best fit. At TCB Carpets Kirkland, our tiling install services focuses on eliminating the inconvenience of installation by bringing the store right to your door.

What are my choices for natural stone flooring tile?

There are several options for tile that are produced from natural materials. These materials are quarried, slabbed, finished, and cut to size. Common types of stone used as flooring tile include granite, marble, limestone (including travertine), and slate. Among these types of natural stone are thousands of variations with characteristics that depend on where and when the stone was processed.


Granite is a very thick and difficult sort of igneous rock. Its distinctive appearance is due to the skewed minerals discovered inside the rock, providing unique veining and the thousands of colors available for this special rock. Granite is almost impermeable and resists scratching once it is polished. In kitchens and high-traffic fields, it is an outstanding option for flooring.


Marble is a sort of metamorphic rock with plenty of veining and a range of colors available. Marble is more porous than granite and is not suggested for flooring in the kitchen unless it is refined and then regularly sealed.
Limestone is a sort of sedimentary rock that in both light and dark colors provides an earthy appearance. The surface may be smoothly textured or polished. Limestone is less dense than granite and marble. It can be easily stained and is also prone to scratching. It is not recommended for kitchen or high-traffic flooring applications.


Travertine is a soft, porous stone with a natural surface that has pitting or divots. A honed or polished surface can be achieved after filling the surface voids. Often described as extremely brittle and easy to damage, Travertine is not recommended for kitchen floors. Special maintenance and surface sealing is required to maintain the durability of Travertine.


Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that is extremely dense and very durable. Slate is available in darker earthy tones. The surface of slate is naturally textured unless a smooth, honed finish is achieved. Slate is an excellent choice for kitchen and high-traffic area flooring.


A big portion of TCB Carpets’ supply of tiling is chopped and processed right here in the United States.  TCB Carpets Kirkland is proud to source all tile we use from the USA and much of it from Washington.  We actively seek out both moral and environment-friendly brands of hardwood and make sure the cash our business flows with stays right here in the USA.


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When installing new carpet in your home, don’t settle for anything less than the most professional services possible.  TCBCarpets Kirkland has been in business for over 10 years and has performed hundreds of successful carpet and flooring installation jobs in the King county and Snohomish county areas.  We are a cornerstone carpet and flooring contractor in the northwest region.  Our dedication to our customers’ cost, convenience, and professionalism is what drives our ambition.  We even can drive our vans to your house or business and show you our stock.  We bring the store to your door.