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For Bellevue people and the Pacific Northwest, new hardwood floor installation is a great choice. Both types of hardwood in active homes will provide durability and toughness. Flooring of solid wood is very durable but must be manually re-nailed or glued to the floor. Due to problems of growth and contraction, stronger hardwood floors are more likely to shrink or expand depending on varying concentrations of humidity in the air.

When purchasing hardwood from TCB Carpets Bellevue we will educate you on the various types of flooring materials and how they perform. Some stores will try to take your money and give you poor quality hardwood, but not TCB Carpets Bellevue.  Our hardwood is top notch and brought right to your doorstep.  No need to leave the house when we can bring the store to your door.

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Making the choices regarding color, quality and style of your new hardwood install in Bellevue are more efficient when done in the home. Traditional hardwood stores may require driving back and forth with different samples until you find the best fit. At TCB Carpets Bellevue, our hardwood floor contractor services focuses on eliminating the inconvenience of hardwood installation by bringing the store right to your door.


A big portion of TCB Carpets’ supply of hardwood is chopped and processed right here in the United States.  TCB Carpets Bellevue is proud to source all our hardwood from the USA and much of it from Washington.  We actively seek out both moral and environment-friendly brands of hardwood and make sure the cash our business flows with stays right here in the USA.


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When installing new carpet in your home, don’t settle for anything less than the most professional services possible.  TCBCarpets Bellevue has been in business for over 10 years and has performed hundreds of successful carpet and flooring installation jobs in the King county and Snohomish county areas.  We are a cornerstone carpet and flooring contractor in the northwest region.  Our dedication to our customers’ cost, convenience, and professionalism is what drives our ambition.  We even can drive our vans to your house or business and show you our stock.  We bring the store to your door.